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Privacy Policy Of My Bitcoin Link

Personal data collection

The only data we collect is users bitcoin wallet address because we use it to send our users free bitcoins. We are also detecting ip addresss from which users access our website because we want to prevent fraud but we won't store them.. If you are reading this privacy policy you are accepting it and will be bound to all the rules.

Sponsored advertisements

We are not promoting anything on our website. If you will be redirected to sponsors website please check their privacy policy and terms of use because you are bound to their rules if you were to visit their website. We are not responsible for users actions outside other project boundaries.

Security policy

As you know crypto world is targeted by some individuals or even countries who want to gain crypto in illegal ways like hacking etc.. So knowing this we applied super high security to our bitcoin wallets and strict security rules are set to prevent any of fraud attempts. If we detect any way of cheating our system we have strict measures.

Changes of Privacy Policy

We have reserved full rights of changing our privacy policy at any given time. We may give users explanation and we have a right not to give it. Users can loose all their rights to their personal links given by us and bitcoin balance too. We can remove it with no explanation.

You accept privacy policy

If you are reading this privacy policy or even using our project you are ACCEPTING all the policy terms and terms of service. You are also bound to accept all the terms if you want to use our website. Any violations of our privacy policy could lead to suspension of your account freeze of bitcoins in your wallet or even removal from balance.

Contact Us

If you want to contact us to discuss any of these policies or any other questions please Contact Us.