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Free Bitcoin - My Bitcoin Link

Get Free Bitcoins For Inviting People

My Bitcoin Link is a new project that gives users free BTC crypto currency just for inviting people to join our website! Earn up to 0.003 BTC for 1 invited user which equals to about 9 USD or 8 EUR

Enter Your Bitcoin Wallet Address and Start Inviting Now

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Fast Cloud Servers

We are using latest technology systems with ssd drives and integrated cloud technology which can help our project to get almost 100% uptime. We are proud of our system stability and helping to get users their bitcoins faster than ever.

Protected Enviroment

Our project key structures are running on private network and bitcoin is stored on cold storage wallets which can guarantee that it can't be accessed by hackers. Also we aren't keeping sensitive data on our servers and every user bitcoin wallet address is highly encrypted too.

Free For A Lifetime

Our project is completely free to start using and even withdrawals don't have any fees. We differ from other companies that we have unique business model which we can use to send free btc to our users and still earn small profit from our partners.

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Warning! Fair usage rules of the website: We are closely monitoring illegal activities such as proxy using or using bots to get more invites. If we suspect a user of fraud we can with no explanation freeze his account and also remove any bitcoins he may earned from his account.

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Bitcoin is the new digital currency of the world

Why people should use My Bitcoin Link project?

The main reason is because we give free bitcoins only for inviting your friends or colleagues to join our website! As you know bitcoin price through history is only increasing and if you get some bitcoin now you can get x10 returns only after one year. From the latest news we can see that bitcoin is rising again. So why not to invest in bitcoin and earn ton of money and why not to get it for free..

How much Bitcoins can i make and how to withdraw?

It is only depending on your skills. To get as much invites as possible for example you can post on your favorite forum like bitcoin subreddit a thread about this project and if people are interested they may join. Also it is very effective to post on facebook or other social media where you can reach many people. You need to invite at least 10 people for withdraw button to unlock and to be able to withdraw bitcoins. If you want you can still keep earning them or press withdraw button complete verification and get your btc.

Special Promo For 2018's + 20% withdrawal bonus!

As you can see our rate for every invited user is currently really high 0.003 BTC for every user which will be reduced in the future. So as project is fresh we suggest to invite as many people as you can because later it will be even harder to earn same ammount of btc. We made a survey and 80% people answered that they will be interested in crypto currencies if they get it for free. So don't miss a chance to reach these people so they and you can get bitcoin for free. Most effective ways from our research reaching these people is youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter and telegram an discord channels. Good luck.


You will see that in order to withraw you have to complete verification steps. This ensures that bots aren't being used on our website and also prevents other frauds. Also these offers are sponsored by our companies which support our project so bitcoins you get from us mostly came from them. By complete verification you are paying a little bit of your time for precious bitcoins. We only take 0.5% from these profits to cover costs for project infrastructure.

Questions during verification

Some users have questions about verification so please first read these solutions:

Contact Us

If you have any questions related to our website or want to contact us for any other reason please use this contact form.


King is back! Bitcoin rising again

Many said bitcoin will dump forever but these projects like My Bitcoin Link helps to get bitcoin price going up again. Keep working and good job!

John Ringstone -

Ultimate project to get BTC

I have met this team and oh boy job they are doing is something incredible! We can move to mass bitcoin adoption soon.

Tom Sanders -

Never seen business model!

I mean they are giving away bitcoin and still are profitable. This is amazing and for such simple task you can get btc..

Rick Schmit -